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Inspired by coveted designer fantasy rings, this multi-row CZ eternity band is enhanced by round sparkling CZ accents for a knockout display of 3.30 carats T.W. Platinum over sterling silver. Sizes 6-9


Cubic Zirconia Rings

Cubic zirconia rings are extremely versatile, being used as an alternative to Diamonds. This dazzling gemstone provides the cool, clear splendor  of diamonds with an affordable cost. Though diamonds are likely to hold their place as the most beautiful gemstone, cubic zirconia gemstones have certainly earned their place as a beautiful alternative. Enjoy a wonderful selection of cubic zirconia rings from our brand. 

Cubic zirconia gemstones make beautiful Engagement Rings, as they are durable and eye catching. In any kind of dramatic lighting, cubic zirconia will give off an almost magical shine that is sure to please. Discover many favorite wedding band designs with cubic zirconia gemstones and make the proposal and the wedding day a memorable one.

Cubic zirconia is available in many colorful shades in addition to clear diamond-style stones. Because of this, cubic zirconia gemstones can be matched with the outfits. A gold ring with a red tinted gemstone can add that extra sparkle to your movements to catch the attention of passers by. Embellish any outfit with twinkling cubic zirconia stud earrings. Pick from a variety of colors or find a set of several so that they can be combined. There are matching sets of Earrings and necklaces available in a glittering array of colors and designs.

Get the perfect piece of Jewelry with even more color and metal choices. Find cubic zirconia gemstones set in a variety of metals including Sterling Silver, gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum. Mix and match warm and cool tones of gemstone and metal to create interesting and unique effects. Coordinate colors with clothing for a look that is very together.


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